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2.9.2015 — New Labor Agreement Approved

Navistar International Corporation (NYSE: NAV) and the UAW announced today that UAW-represented employees have ratified a new four-year labor agreement. The contract was approved by a majority of voting UAW members and replaces the prior contract

1.30.2015 — Tentative Agreement Reached

The UAW and Navistar, Inc. have reached a tentative four-year agreement. No details of the tentative agreement will be communicated publically prior to the completion of the ratification vote, which will be completed February

1.22.2015 — Bargaining Update

Navistar and the UAW are continuing to work together to move the bargaining process forward. “We are making good progress towards an outcome that will benefit both sides – achieving improvements that will help Navistar be more competitive

1.9.2015 — Bargaining Update

Navistar and the UAW are scheduled to resume bargaining on Tuesday, January 13. “We all want to bring the bargaining process to an agreeable resolution,” said Barry Morris, director of labor relations, Navistar. “Our goal remains to achieve