Representatives from Navistar and the United Auto Workers (UAW) signed the 2018 Navistar-UAW Collective Bargaining Agreement last week at a s

UAW_2018_Contract_Signing_editigning ceremony at Navistar’s Lisle headquarters.

Nearly 30 representatives from both parties came together to officially sign the new six-year contract, which was ratified by employees at the end of last year. This replaces the prior contract that expired on October 1, 2018.

More than 1,800 Navistar employees are represented by the contract including employees at our Springfield, Ohio assembly plant, Melrose Park, Illinois facility and Parts Distribution Centers in Atlanta, Dallas and York, Pennsylvania.

UAW_2018_Contract_Signing_Group_edit“Regardless of what we do as a company, we are committed to working together with the UAW for years to come,” said Mark Hernandez, senior vice president, Global Manufacturing. “This relationship is for the long term.”

The 2018 contract, which has already started to be implemented across our locations, provides significant economic benefits for our employees and efficiency benefits for the company.

“I feel good about this bargaining process concluding and I’m looking forward to working together in the future. The new agreement is a reflection of the long-term bargaining relationship between the UAW and Navistar,” said UAW Secretary-Treasurer and Director of the UAW Heavy Truck Department, Ray Curry. “The truck market is strong – and hopefully continues to remain stable to benefit both parties.”

“I am confident that we have set up our locations and our employees for long-term success and we’ll continue to work together to improve quality, safety and cost,” Mark added.