Terri Sexton, Navistar’s Environmental and Energy manager, gave an opposition testimony to the Energy and Natural Resources Committee in Ohio last month regarding House Bill 6.

Navistar is an active member of the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA), which is comprised of 1,400 members whose goal is to protect and grow the manufacturing industry in Ohio. They advocate to preserve open access to reliable and affordable energy needed by manufacturers to keep their operations on track.

Navistar’s Springfield Assembly Plant in Ohio has been in operation since 1967, leaving a manufacturing legacy in the area. This facility, along with all other Navistar manufacturing facilities, is ISO 14001 certified. Navistar encourages teams of employees to recognize waste and help determine the best ways to reduce energy consumption, which reduces our manufacturing carbon footprint.

According to Terri’s testimony on behalf of Navistar and OMA, House Bill 6 will cause multiple obstacles for all Ohio manufacturers. The basis of this bill revolves around the idea of generating more money for two Ohio nuclear power plants on the brink of bankruptcy and two coal-fired plants. One of the largest problems this bill creates is introducing riders for manufacturers and surcharges for consumers to fund the failing plants. The riders and surcharges are expected to raise $1.3 billion in the next six years if the bill is passed.

“This bill would add $52,000 per year to Springfield’s electric bill, simply as an added fee, devastating the energy efficiency savings, efforts and successes that have been invested into our Ohio manufacturing plant reducing energy, greenhouse gas and other emissions,” said Jacqueline Gelb, vice president of Government Relations. “Terri’s testimony gave OMA members and Navistar a voice against unfair legislation that would be a major setback not only for Navistar, but for all Ohio manufacturers.”

Navistar and other manufacturers have made progress in reducing waste and emissions in Ohio, something this bill would no longer support. In her testimony, Terri referred to the bill as “a mandated, customer-financed bailout of uneconomical power plants.”

She concluded that overall, Navistar would be losing profits and the bill destroys all advancement that has been made in renewable and efficient energy standards dating back over ten years.

“Not only is House Bill 6 having a major impact on Navistar and Ohio manufacturers, it is doing a major disservice to Ohio consumers as well,” said Terri. “Speaking out on behalf of companies who have put time and resources into ensuring that our environmental impact is continuously lowered validates just how devastating this bill would be to all progress we have made, simply due to policy.”

Along with Terri, 141 testimonies have been given about the bill. As of Terri’s May testimony, there were 74 opponents and two proponents. Joining Navistar and the OMA in opposition of the bill is the Ohio Consumers Council, which works to advocate for Ohio utility users and many environmental groups.

To read Terri’s testimony, click here