SAP_ergo_editThe Springfield Assembly Plant team recently participated in the internationally recognized Ergo Cup competition, sponsored by the Ergonomics Center of North Carolina and Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina State University.

The team, which consisted of Christine Rollins, senior manufacturing engineer, Chis Oelker, health and safety manager, Terri Cason, UAW safety representative, and Shekar Guntumadugu, ergonomist, presented Navistar’s “Standard Ergonomic Evaluation Process.”

Navistar began an ergonomic assessment and solution program in 2015 to combat the significant work place injuries that occurred routinely. This program is often referred to internally as a plant safety review.

The plant safety reviews have evolved from addressing the top-ten ergonomics issues to a systematic process that drives several sustainable solutions. The process is effective because there is participation from every level and it has contributed to ergonomics being a vital component of the culture at our Springfield Assembly Plant.

“Everyone at the competition was impressed that we have our plant manager in weekly meetings where we talk about ergo issues,” said Christine. “We are definitely unique – everyone has one problem and one solution, we have 190 problems and 190 solutions.”

Through this process the team often finds corrective actions that are innovative and address ergonomic opportunities that help reduce the likelihood of strains, sprains and other injuries.

“I’m so proud of our team for showcasing their work on a national industry level and so glad they have been recognized for their achievements,” said Bill Reed, senior manager, Manufacturing Engineering.

“Our ergo team here in Springfield is exceptional,” said Betsy Jacobs, Springfield Assembly Plant manager. “The engineers will talk to our union partners about ergo issues and then work with the base operators who know the problems first hand. It’s truly a collaborative process that has helped us improve overall safety in the plant.”