EAP_news_editThe Escobedo Assembly Plant (EAP) recently hosted several notable customer visits as well as events to drive engagement with its employees who are on the front lines building our vehicles. Below is a recap of the news including an employee volunteer program with the Children’s Anticancer Alliance and a “fall in love with Navistar” employee campaign.

EAP partners with Children’s Anticancer Alliance

The Escobedo Assembly Plant focuses its social responsibility efforts on the environment and the community. Both causes are supported through on-site bottle recycling and donation of the bottles to the Children’s Anticancer Alliance.

An employee volunteer group from EAP recently delivered the bottles accumulated since November 2018 to the Children’s Anticancer Alliance location in Monterrey, Mexico. The organization has supported more than 2,600 people since its founding in 1995. They currently serve 430 active patients, who receive help at no charge including food, lodging, transportation, medication, nutritional balance, psychological care, recreational activities, studies and chemotherapies.

During the visit, the volunteers had the opportunity to see the facility and validate where and how our efforts in recycling and donation are reflected. The EAP donation included 628 pounds of recycled bottles. The EAP volunteer group also visited a second time this spring to participate in recreational activities with the children at the facility.

Fall in love with Navistar campaign

EAP launched a campaign this past year that was centered around the question “What makes you fall in love with Navistar?” Many employees participated and shared their point of view. The top responses were: work environment, companionship, our trucks, security, values and culture.

Read what five of the employees had to say:

“First of all, thank you for accepting me in this great family that is Navistar. I fell in love from the first day I joined; it is a company that has a great work environment, because here we are a great team with the same goal: to build the best truck.” -Juan, Ladder Line 1

“I like what I do, and I feel proud every time I see a finished truck, but I feel even more proud when I drive the roads and my children see the International diamond on the trucks and they proudly say ‘those are the trucks my dad builds’.” -Josué, Ladder Line 1

“First, the International brand represents strength, character, decision, greatness, commitment, quality and safety. Second, how impressive it is to assemble a screw, a motor, a hood, tires and so on and at the end we see a big truck.” -Margarita, Logistics

“It makes me fall in love because it is a company that is always looking for continuous improvement and the quality of the trucks is very good. I fell in love because it was always my dream to be part of this company. I wear my shirt with pride.” -Brandom, Logistics Chassis Line 2

“When I arrived, I thought I would never be able to do the task that was assigned to me, but I had a great gift: my shadow. He taught me patience and love for what he does that; I fell in love with it. Navistar is more than a company, it is a great family and I feel super proud to wear my shirt. Not everyone is Navistar and I have that privilege.” -Rosa, Final Assembly Line 1