Imagine that you are on the plant floor building one of Navistar’s trucks. The truck comes into your station, but then you realize that not all the parts you need are available. What do you do?

You must “call for help” or “pull the Andon cord.” This activates the help chain and a team member or supervisor will soon get the parts you need.

Now, instead imagine that you are on the line and your supervisor gets an alert that the parts are low in your station. They deliver the parts you need before you pull the Andon cord. First time quality is immediately improved, and you are well on your way to making a higher quality truck more efficiently.

This is the new lean process that Navistar is hoping to achieve through improved data analytics in each of our manufacturing plants.

“Providing real-time data allows us to predict effectiveness and give the operator the information they need to build trucks,” said Mark Hernandez, senior vice president, Global Manufacturing.
“Digital also helps processes work faster – world class processes equal world class quality,” he added.

The Manufacturing IT and Analytics teams recently participated in a data analytics workshop at the Springfield Assembly Plant to talk about real-time data collection and a new software pilot that will be launching in February. The software will help plant managers visualize the health of the assembly line in real-time. It will also allow plant employees to focus on quality assurance versus quality control.

Navistar’s manufacturing plants have been focused on their lean transformation for the past several years and this is another way that they are improving lean processes in the plant.

“This is one of the many initiatives we are doing to make manufacturing more effective at Navistar,” said Mark.