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7.17.19 — Lean Develops Positive Teams

When it comes to ensuring productivity in all aspects of a corporation, many factors can make a difference. Recently, Navistar's manufacturing leaders have been working to implement practices that create positive environments for their

6.26.19 — Navistar-UAW Contract Signed

Representatives from Navistar and the United Auto Workers (UAW) signed the 2018 Navistar-UAW Collective Bargaining Agreement last week at a s igning ceremony at Navistar's Lisle headquarters. Nearly 30 representatives from both parties came

6.17.19 — Alabama Investment

Navistar announced today the decision to make capital investments of approximately $125 million in new and expanded manufacturing facilities in the state of Alabama. The investment will bring 145 additional jobs to our Huntsville facility. To

6.12.19 — Ohio House Testimony

Terri Sexton, Navistar's Environmental and Energy manager, gave an opposition testimony to the Energy and Natural Resources Committee in Ohio last month regarding House Bill 6. Navistar is an active member of the Ohio Manufacturers' Association