Navistar and the UAW continue to keep the lines of communication open as both sides work through scheduling conflicts and determine next steps for moving negotiations forward. Employees are expected to continue to report to work as scheduled per the terms of the 2010 contract, which has been extended.

“Our goals remain unchanged: Work with the UAW-represented employees to make competitive improvements that will help Navistar succeed in the long term, and achieve a competitive wage and benefit package that allows employees and retirees to maintain a good quality of life,” said Barry Morris, director of labor relations, Navistar.

He added, “It’s important to remember that these facilities are operating at a competitive disadvantage compared to other facilities in North America. It’s in the best interest of everyone – our employees, their communities and the company – to have a competitive agreement that allows us to fully embrace lean principles, and to achieve that agreement as soon as possible.”

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