After nine weeks of discussion, Navistar and the UAW have decided to take a brief recess from bargaining due to schedule issues for both parties. During the recess employees are expected to report to work as scheduled per the terms of the 2010 contract, which has been extended.

“It’s clear that there are some significant gaps between how these facilities operate and how other manufacturers in the U.S. operate,” said Barry Morris, director of labor relations, Navistar.  “We hope that momentarily stepping back and re-evaluating away from the table might help us resolve the last remaining issues.”

The current proposals on the table include concepts, ideas and feedback from the union as well as the company.  Navistar maintains that the current set of proposals contain a wage and benefit package that would provide a good quality of life for employees and retirees.

The company is not releasing details of its proposals at this time.

Talks are scheduled to resume in early November. “We’re eager to bring this to resolution as soon as possible.  These facilities need competitive improvements now, and sticking to the status quo isn’t in the best interests of our employees and their communities,” Morris said.

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